Sacred Yoni Show Wrap Up

Yoni Yogini by Lane deMoll

Thursday, September 6, 2012

7-9 pm

at the Rocky Intertidal CoCreative Gallery

35850 Highway 101 in downtown Nehalem

(Above Art Happens)

16 artists (two of them men) entered work in the Sacred Yoni Show that opened August 9th in the Rocky Intertidal Co-creative Galley in Nehalem, Oregon. Two additional works came in mid-way through the show, including a large colorful rainbow yoni drawn by 2 young girls visiting the show.

These courageous and heartfelt works included sculptures (both stone & fabric blended with wood), a mosaic, photographs, collages, paintings (including finger painting), pastels, glass, crochet and fabric (a quilt and pillows).  Photos of the show can be found on

We estimate that 100 people of all ages came to the opening, marveling at the spirit of the art and enjoying food highlighted by locally grown vegetables artfully presented as a “Vaggie Tray.” Another 30 came to see the show over the ensuing month.

The process was a powerful one. Therapeutic, in many cases, it required some handholding and encouragement.  One artist came in saying, “Is it too much?” and as we opened our mouths to marvel at it’s beauty, immediately said, “Is it not enough?”  Our cultural mixed message in a nutshell.

We did the show because it is time to honor our vaginas – both on our own behalf and on behalf of our culture that has shunned this most central potent part of our femaleness. We ALL came from a yoni and 2012, as predicted, is turning out to be a powerful coming out of the divine feminine.  We are proud to be a part of this process, particularly in the midst of the current political climate.

The Wrap Up will be the last chance to see the art in one place. Although some art has already sold, much is still available in varying price ranges.  The evening will also include a chance for artists and viewers alike to speak of their experiences.  Two new written pieces will be read by Sarah Archer and Lane deMoll.

For further information about this and future shows contact LeeAnn Neal and Kelly Benson of Rocky Intertidal CoCreative at or Lane deMoll at 503-368-6294.


Sacred Yoni Show!

Twelve years ago, while participating in an art workshop together, Neahkahnie artists Lane deMoll and Kathleen Ryan discussed presenting an erotica show in a local venue.

Both were creating their own feminine-based art and noticing similar work by other area artists. “I remember a marble piece that (Nehalem sculptor) M.J. Anderson did, which was called a ‘Sheela Na Gig,’” said Ryan. “They were traditionally used on Irish churches as fertility symbols centuries ago.”

“But we’ve always gotten hung up on a place to do it, not to mention being tied up with other ‘busyness’ we were up to,” said deMoll, whose local accomplishments include co-founding Manzanita’s CARTM with Ryan, being one of several founders of Fire Mountain School in Falcon Cove as well as the Lower Nehalem Community Trust. In addition to co-founding CARTM, Ryan is treasurer on the Tillamook County Arts Network Board of Directors, was a founding member of the Hoffman Center Board of Directors, served for many years as chair of the Tillamook County Solid Waste Advisory Committee and was behind the popular Live With It expositions held for a number of years at her Green Arts Collective studio in the Nehalem area.

A few years later deMoll and local artist and massage therapist Dana Zia began envisioning a “yoni show,” said deMoll, explaining that she, as well as many other women, prefer the term “yoni” to vagina. Sanscrit for “sacred space,” the word yoni is, in Hinduism, a sign of generative power that symbolizes the goddess Shakti. “I use it myself because it implies to me a much more sacred connection to this most feminine aspect of my body,” added deMoll.

This summer, “the time just seems right,” said deMoll. She and a host of other Tillamook County artists are joining to produce The Sacred Yoni Show, scheduled for Aug. 9 through Sept. 9. Rocky Intertidal CoCreative, a local public relations and marketing firm, offered its office – which includes gallery space – for the show, “I have some new yoni paintings and it’s 2012,” deMoll continued, noting that in Mayan prophecy the year 2012 marks the “reawakening of the universal feminine consciousness.”

From prehistoric petro glyphs to Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous paintings of flowers, to Judy Chicago’s modern installation artwork The Dinner Party, artistic renderings of the yoni aren’t new, said deMoll. “It is one of the oldest of prehistoric artistic depictions.”

The Sacred Yoni Show will include paintings, sculpture, jewelry, quilts and fabric installations. Artists whose work will appear include deMoll, Ryan, Zia, Tom Bender, Aina Tonjes, Dawn Shears, Chris Shears, Glenna Gray, Nicole Poole, Sylvia Thornton and M.J. Anderson.

“We felt the concept of the show, the emphasis on creative energy in particular, worked well with what we do,” said Kelly Benson, who co-owns Rocky Intertidal CoCreative with LeeAnn Neal. The two have known deMoll and Ryan, as well as many other of the participating artists, for a number of years. “It’s a really impressive lineup.”

“Lane somewhat casually told us about the concept for the show during this year’s Trash Art Show opening July 5 in Manzanita,” said Neal. “Some of the artists who were there that night jumped on board immediately, while others took a minute to think it over. It was interesting to see people’s expressions change from a little bewildered to intrigued to kind of charged up.”

An opening is scheduled for 6:30-9 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 9 at 35850 Highway 101 in Nehalem. The show will continue to be available to view, free of charge, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 7 p.m. through Sept. 9.

For more information, contact or check out Sacred Yoni Show on Facebook.



Solstice Update

I taped my segment today on my brother, Kip de Moll‘s webinar. It was great fun! It will air at 8 pm on Monday, June18. Or you can catch up with it on line. He’s even getting some of my artwork on there.  We talked about community – the real one here on the Neahkahnie Mountain and the fictional one I’m writing about in the novel….. and my art…. and lots of stuff…..  He’s a very good interviewer.