Like Ursula Goodwin-Brown in this story, I am an active Tarot reader.     More information about my practice can be found on my Living Out Loud website.

The decks I use the most:

Motherpeace – Vicki Noble & Karen Vogel – The very first deck i ever owned. It’s the one used in Thea’s Green Egg Painting

Shining Tribe (formerly Shining Woman) – Rachael Pollock – Used in Ursula & Sylvia Tarot

Gaian Tarot – Joanna Powell Colbert – Used in Uri & Ursula Tarot

Inner Child Deck – Isha Lerner – She also has a wonderful deck of flower essences that can be found at this same site.

Herbal Tarot – by Candis Canton & Michael Tierra – It’s a wonderful right brained way to learn about herbs. Drawings are botanically correct and the book lists both medicinal and spiritual uses.  Shows up in Uri & Ursula Tarot.

The image in this painting keeps coming to me for starting my OWN tarot deck…..someday….

Dark of the Moon, Lane deMoll, 1997

97-6 darkofthemoon




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