Summer Solstice

The sun will be at the northern most point of its journey, its late evening setting hidden behind Neahkahnie Mountain from the vantage point at our house. It is  the longest day up here in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest throughout the southern half of the earth.

Over the years our “tribe” has celebrated with drumming, campfires and sleepovers on the Nehalem River or Bay, the ocean or a community garden or barn.

Since it falls this year on a Wednesday (June 20th) we will honor the time with a coming-together in Manzanita of the Tsunami Drummers playing live for the Wednesday evening Ecstatic Spirit Dance at Pine Grove Community Center. Festivities will start with an invocation and intention-setting at 6:30ish. Music will go for about an hour.  Bring sweet and savory snacks to share for afterwards and if the weather is good we may head to the beach for a campfire

Astrologers and others are predicting monumental energy awakenings on this year’s Solstice, heading us ever more firmly on the path towards The Shift.  It’s 2012 and time to change our ways, collectively and individually.


I will be talking about this in a Webinar organized by my brother, Kip deMoll. I’m not sure when my segment airs but I’ll be taping it in the next couple of days.  It will also be available online afterwards.  For details, check out

For the past several years I have made particularly potent FLOWER ESSENCES on the Summer Solstice – how could they not be potent with all that June growing energy (perhaps because of all the rain!)  I will be making one this year as well – Yew, i think.  Unless something else grabs me at the last minute. This new one and past essences will soon be available on this site’s store. They are also still available at Rainbow Lotus Healing Center in Nehalem.

Solstice Flower Essences:
2011 – Manifesting Visions – made at the Coyote Ridge Spirit Garden of White Foxglove, Hedge Nettle, Cat’s Eye, Sage, Catnip, Rose, Comfrey and a mystery flower.

2010 –  Durga’s Return Essence for loving one’s personal Demons – made at Gwendolyn Endicott’s Journey to this Hindu Goddess. Through the power of love, Durga conquered the demons besetting the world in an ancient time and promised to return when she is truly needed.  Durga, it is time. Foxglove is heart medicine (it only barely touched the bowl) and WIld Iris makes my heart glow this time every year.

2010 – Hedge Nettle – For overall Healing.  This is a classic case of a “weed” that has great systemic healing properties.

2009 – Coyote Ridge Essence for Creating Community – As a group of investors and potential homeowners gathered for a blessing circle on a property in a slow process of development on 10th Street in Nehalem, the creative energy clinked into place and obstacles seemed swept aside.  Checkermallow, Foxglove, Fawn Lilly seedpod.

So yes, Summer Solstice Blessings to us all.  Magic is Alive and the Goddess is Afoot!



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  1. Lane, Your site looks great. Wow! I recognize a certain painting on the wall of your home page! Haha! Blessings of the Old Ways, Sylvia )O(

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