Orbs & Children’s Books

“So what do you think about these orbs that people are photographing?” Several of the “tribe” were sitting around the big round table at the Mermaid Bistro. Ursula and Thea had come after yoga class.

“What are orbs?” asked Ariel.

“Circles or globes of light that show up somehow on digital photographs. They are full of lacy, mandala like patterns.”

“Aren’t they just reflections or dust on the camera lens…. or something?”

“From what I hear none of those ‘explanations’ actually add up. They even happen under water. Plus, some people can actually see them.”

“Cindy can. In fact she even talks to them. She says they appear when people are really happy or spiritual – deeply connected in some way. They’re around children a lot. But they’ll come if you ask them to and if you’re in the right state of mind. Laughing. Connecting with nature.“

“You should see the pictures that Cindy took of them at last year’s Solstice ritual. They are all over the place as Charley is smudging. And she also got a couple at the Grandmother Tree, though she said she had to coax them to stay for the picture. They kept disappearing when she put up the camera.”

“It’s like they’re fairies or star beings or the gods and goddess or….”

“Maybe they are beings who have been around all along and we are just starting to be enough on the right wave length for more of us to see. Something about our frequencies….“

“And for the digital cameras to catch.“

“That reminds me of all that stuff in children’s books,” said Ursula. “Think about it – out of body experiences, flying, time travel, psychic connections, and other worldly beings like fauns and fairies and talking animals. Even the talking stars of Le Petit Prince or Wrinkle in Time. Children’s books have been a safe place for those who wanted to present paranormal phenomena and the mystical. One could write about any of that stuff and it could just be dismissed as an imaginative work for children. A lot of interesting ideas got planted in our brains by the Narnia and the Dark is Rising series. What if we need to be looking at those books more closely for clues?”

“I sooo longed for those books to be true! ‘Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning,’” Ariel quoted.

“Some of my favorites are the Green Knowe books,” said Ursula. “I’ve read them over and over. There’s the scene where Tolly and his granny are singing Christmas songs and are joined by the voices of all the children who lived in the house over the ages. He gets to play with them. His granny says at one point, ‘I always wondered who the mysterious boy in the stories was who rescued the children in the 17th century. That was you wasn’t it?’”

“You mean, Mom, that dragons might be real and we could talk to them psychically? Cool! I obviously have a thing about Anne McCaffery’s Pern books,” said Caliente thinking of her daughter and the name of her farm.

“Some say the Mountain is a dragon or has a dragon who lives on it somewhere. It certainly is associated with Fire. We should be open to the possibilities at least. These days it seems more and more like ‘The Goddess is alive and Magic is afoot,’ as the saying goes.”

“Hmmm. Maybe I should do a little more research on dragons,” mused Ariel.

“It always made me sad – angry even – that when the children had a magical experience, they were made to forget it when they got home. Pook at Pook’s Hill, a Fairy to Stay…. In the Narnia books Susan forgets as she gets older. ”

“But it gave me comfort that maybe I’ve experienced an adventure like that and just can’t remember it,” said Rhea.

There was a little pause while everyone at the table searched their memory banks wistfully for any traces of such a thing. Alas, as they say in the books.

“When you think about it, they’d have to forget for their own safety and sanity. They would have been labeled psychotic or at some points in history actually burned.”

“Yes, I read and hear about so many people today finally realizing their psychic gifts who remember being told that such things didn’t exist. Made to feel crazy or at least childish.”

“Some of them went through some pretty crazy times having repressed all that. Drug and alcohol addiction, suicides – I think a lot can be blamed on those early moments of the psychic pushed into the background by a culture freaked out about it. Read Judith Orloff’s Second Sight. She is a psychiatrist in Los Angeles who finally came to terms with her own suppressed psychic abilities and now is combining both worlds very effectively to help others integrate their experiences and gifts. She knows when to prescribe drugs and when to encourage shamanic journeying, for instance.”

“I do know of a few whose clairvoyance was quietly acknowledged by a family member and some even trained to expand on it. But they were usually told never to tell. There are people in this community who had that experience – one of whom has a Mom who to this day will not admit to any of it.”

“Somehow I never quite gave up my belief in fairies. I so wanted them to be true.  Even though I had no physical rational evidence,” said Cali wistfully.

“A guy visiting from Findhorn years ago admired my little meadow area at the house I keep everyone from mowing,” said Ursula. “He said they always left some areas natural like that for the fairies.”

“Oohh. Galadriel in Tolkein…. not to mention Gandalf.”

“We need to pay attention to something that brings up emotions that strong in all of us.”

“Do you think those children’s authors actually experienced those phenomena and remembered them?”

“It doesn’t matter. They may have thought they were ‘making it up.’ But what if they were channeling? What if they were being led to write stories that had hints and clues in them that could lead us to such experiences becoming normal. First we discovered them as children when our minds were more open. And then many of us read them to our children.” Ursula and Cali smiled at each other. It was nice to be talking about these things together.

“Or went back and reread them ourselves,” said Thea.

“Cindy and Chloe have both told me they’ve seen fairies and nature beings,” said Ursula. “Little flashes that they almost didn’t believe themselves. And the Findhorn books talk about being helped by what they call “devas” that various people could see and communicate with. I have to take those things on faith cause I don’t see them either but they gave me a huge sense of happiness that maybe I was right to have clung to my belief in fairies.“

“Maybe we should all go back and reread those books with new eyes.”

“I’ve done that and I’ve always wanted to put together a good list. I have a lot of them in the store anyway. Children’s and Young People’s books are great because they’re short and fairly simple in plot lines so they can be a quick and satisfying evening read. But of course it isn’t just the kids’ books – Marian Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover series for starters. There’s a lot about psychic connections and training in her stuff.”

“Those books have such sad consequences,” Thea spoke up. “People are always getting harmed by their gifts.”

“Yes,” agreed Ursula. “And the ones where a group of psychics develop an essentially tantric open marriage of intercommunication sure ends badly. But they definitely have clues about needing to have to have intimacy and trust to psychically connect. Not necessarily sexual intimacy. You have to be able to trust each other with your inner thoughts. Because they are exposed…. You can’t lie – even to yourself. ”

“I’d say those books were definitely a product of the era they were written in. Hints of possibilities but in a non-accepting, fearful culture,” offered Thea.

“Like ours!”

“Time to rewrite the stories….”

“Hmmm. I’ve been saying that about myths too,” said Ursula.

“There’s lots of cool stuff in movies,” said Ariel. “Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series for instance.”

“I won’t watch them cause I’m too in love with my own long held images from the books.”

“They leave out so much of the subtlety.”

“Like Tom Bombadil!”

“But of course, there are hints in the movies too. The Matrix!”

“There’s just something about the books though…”


“Did you know there is a scene in Mary Poppins – the book, not the movie – where the baby twins in their cribs are chatting with some starlings. Mary Poppins, of course, can understand them. The birds are wistful because they know it won’t last and the babies insist they won’t forget. Sure enough, the next time the birds visit, the babies are cooing and babbling nonsensically without connection.“

“Then there’s the chapter where the Pleiades sisters come down to visit causing all sorts of havoc, and not only because they have hardly any clothes on.”

“Maybe the orbs are those beings we’ve been talking about beginning to come into focus for us….”

“I’m going to start taking some pictures myself.”

“We should have cameras at our rituals. I’ve always resisted that as intrusive but it would be cool to catch some of this.”

“I can’t wait to see your book list, Ursula.”