Sacred Yoni Show!

Twelve years ago, while participating in an art workshop together, Neahkahnie artists Lane deMoll and Kathleen Ryan discussed presenting an erotica show in a local venue.

Both were creating their own feminine-based art and noticing similar work by other area artists. “I remember a marble piece that (Nehalem sculptor) M.J. Anderson did, which was called a ‘Sheela Na Gig,’” said Ryan. “They were traditionally used on Irish churches as fertility symbols centuries ago.”

“But we’ve always gotten hung up on a place to do it, not to mention being tied up with other ‘busyness’ we were up to,” said deMoll, whose local accomplishments include co-founding Manzanita’s CARTM with Ryan, being one of several founders of Fire Mountain School in Falcon Cove as well as the Lower Nehalem Community Trust. In addition to co-founding CARTM, Ryan is treasurer on the Tillamook County Arts Network Board of Directors, was a founding member of the Hoffman Center Board of Directors, served for many years as chair of the Tillamook County Solid Waste Advisory Committee and was behind the popular Live With It expositions held for a number of years at her Green Arts Collective studio in the Nehalem area.

A few years later deMoll and local artist and massage therapist Dana Zia began envisioning a “yoni show,” said deMoll, explaining that she, as well as many other women, prefer the term “yoni” to vagina. Sanscrit for “sacred space,” the word yoni is, in Hinduism, a sign of generative power that symbolizes the goddess Shakti. “I use it myself because it implies to me a much more sacred connection to this most feminine aspect of my body,” added deMoll.

This summer, “the time just seems right,” said deMoll. She and a host of other Tillamook County artists are joining to produce The Sacred Yoni Show, scheduled for Aug. 9 through Sept. 9. Rocky Intertidal CoCreative, a local public relations and marketing firm, offered its office – which includes gallery space – for the show, “I have some new yoni paintings and it’s 2012,” deMoll continued, noting that in Mayan prophecy the year 2012 marks the “reawakening of the universal feminine consciousness.”

From prehistoric petro glyphs to Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous paintings of flowers, to Judy Chicago’s modern installation artwork The Dinner Party, artistic renderings of the yoni aren’t new, said deMoll. “It is one of the oldest of prehistoric artistic depictions.”

The Sacred Yoni Show will include paintings, sculpture, jewelry, quilts and fabric installations. Artists whose work will appear include deMoll, Ryan, Zia, Tom Bender, Aina Tonjes, Dawn Shears, Chris Shears, Glenna Gray, Nicole Poole, Sylvia Thornton and M.J. Anderson.

“We felt the concept of the show, the emphasis on creative energy in particular, worked well with what we do,” said Kelly Benson, who co-owns Rocky Intertidal CoCreative with LeeAnn Neal. The two have known deMoll and Ryan, as well as many other of the participating artists, for a number of years. “It’s a really impressive lineup.”

“Lane somewhat casually told us about the concept for the show during this year’s Trash Art Show opening July 5 in Manzanita,” said Neal. “Some of the artists who were there that night jumped on board immediately, while others took a minute to think it over. It was interesting to see people’s expressions change from a little bewildered to intrigued to kind of charged up.”

An opening is scheduled for 6:30-9 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 9 at 35850 Highway 101 in Nehalem. The show will continue to be available to view, free of charge, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 7 p.m. through Sept. 9.

For more information, contact or check out Sacred Yoni Show on Facebook.



Conjuring Tantra

“That is an amazing group of people,” said Jasmine Terranova to her husband over a breakfast of local bacon and eggs the morning after the drumming on the beach.

“Yeah, they have deep history and plenty of mystical, magical practices together.”

“Gideon, do you think we can ever fit in?”

“Jazz, we have just as much experience.”

“I know but not in home territory. We’ve moved around so much these last few years. They have such rooted connections – generations, some of them…. And they already belong to and know this Mahonia-Nekelew vortex.”

“That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for new people. We actually have a big piece to give to them, not counting the economic boost if we take on the visitor program. I haven’t seen any hints of Tantra happening. Publically at least. We haven’t been to a Medicine Circle yet, and they might not mention it to strangers…. But I have a feeling they are a little a-sexual.”

“We’ve searched for so long for a community to nestle into and I have such a strong feeling this is it.”

“It sure jumped out at us on the map. We both got chills big time…”

“And now that we’re here I know that the outline of this Mountain is the one I’ve been seeing in my dreams for years. My future self kept showing me this very place…. We’ve got our base from which to explore now and I know the actual piece of land is here somewhere.”

“Luckily it’s not all that big an area we have to search….”

“Yeah, we could be out in the plains or inland mountains with miles and miles to search in every direction. The sea here gives a very definitive boundary and the timber company mountains another. And there really aren’t all that many roads to go down… once you’re off Highway 101.”

“Even the ones less traveled,” Gideon said with a smile.

“Aren’t we lucky to have the money to create what we want?” said Jazz gratefully.

“Gimme five!” They slapped hands as was their custom when the subject of their funds came up. Former Seattle software techies, they’d gotten out at a good time.

“So what’s the next step?”

“Let’s talk to Pia and Raven to see what they were thinking. Probably Charley and Ursula too…. Between them they’ll steer us in the right direction. Plus we need to assure them of our intentions and integrity. I have a feeling they are some of the crucial gatekeepers here, whether they know it or not….”

“And just how do we bring up the Tantra?”

“Perhaps as simply as an introductory ‘lecture?’”

“Run up the flag and see who comes forth….”

“Slide show and ….. demo?” They both laughed.

“Let’s wait a bit though. Let’s get the other stuff going first. We’ll know when the time is right.”

“But in the meantime we can certainly have our own session. Tonight would be a good time!”

“It’s your turn for a yoni massage….”


“Hee hee. Now we have things lined up for the next pieces of the puzzles to fall into place.”

“Tantra here we come.”

Venus and Mars, along with Orion, the Pleiades sisters, Chiron and some others were cackling around the fire. The planets and the clusters of stars that humans call constellations had long been conspiring to shed more of their sparkle on the proceedings in the tiny coastal community, a favorite of the several places they were shepherding.

 “The Terranovas are ‘new earth’ indeed. Our locals needed some spicing up don’t you think?”

“Yup, this will shiver their timbers.”

“I get a bad rap as a being of structure, rules and accountability,” complained Saturn. “Folks don’t understand that I’m more about the Laws of Nature than short-lived (to us) cultural codes or even more temporary human laws.”

“We thank you, oh Father of Time, for beginning to let the beauty of human sexual interaction shine through,” said the shimmering Morning and Evening Star.

“I couldn’t do it without your steadfast help, Venus. Aphrodite. Inanna. Astarte.” He graciously acknowledged a few of her many names throughout the ages.

“It’s been frustrating these last millenia for humanity to get so separated from their sexuality. Why do they think they have all those amazing sensory organs of skin and penis and yoni and tongue if Creative Spirit didn’t want them to be fully enjoyed.”

“And it’s beyond me how they think they can get to know each other if they don’t open more deeply to both sensual touch and each others’ minds.”

“The sickness of power hunger has perverted so much that is beautiful.”

“Yes, it’s about time I got a chance to let my sensitive yin side shine more,” said Mars.

“We are the ones who have been out of synch. They can’t do it if we don’t line up properly for the dance.”

“So now we are, thank all that’s beautiful and holy.”

“It’s gonna be BIG this time,” bellowed Jupiter.

“Let the sexy fun begin!”


Ursula stood on the promontory next to the Stone Table. The air was clear and fresh after the last night’s blow – the first of the season. At least it had held off for the drumming. Looking over the top of the hollow she realized that enough alder leaves had come down now for her to see the curve of the mountain’s flank.

Their property was on the head scarp of a very old landslide – presumably from the earthquake and tsunami 300 years ago documented by the Japanese. At that time big chunks of the Mountain had slid, bringing with them the large rock she was standing by and the smaller ones around the clearing. She and Charley had always wondered if another quake would bring an additional slump or if their house and this promontory were now on more secure ground.

As she looked around now, the flank was sensuous. Almost she could feel the personality of the Mountain…. Sometimes from down on the beach it looked female to her. Its silhouette curvaceous like a fulsome woman on her back. But right now the energy was a presence that felt definitely masculine. Its bones and flesh visible in a curve that reached deep into her being. In fact…yum… yum…. she could feel it vibrate up her legs into…. into…. gasp… her cunt. She stood transfixed while the rainbow waves of an orgasm poured through her, swirling in her pelvis, vibrating her sacrum.

“Whooeee!” she shouted as it ended. “Did what I think just happened really happen? It came and was gone so quickly.” She sat down on the rock, her legs now like jelly, her breath still short.

“Makes me realize that Charlie and I have some reconnecting to do. Too much busyness of late!”

The Mountain just chuckled.