Through the Veil

Yikes. Why do these humans go on and on about what they’ve accomplished and what they still need to do? They are such workaholics,” complained a sparkling blue spirit to the circle.

“It does seem like they work too hard. They’re always dashing off with new ideas before they tie up the loose ends of the current ones.”

“They know time is running out. There’s a lot to get done before…..”

“Before what?” 

“The shift of the Ages – you know, Pisces into Aquarius,” said Chronos who was in charge of such things.

“I guess I’ve lost track of time. It’s just that they rush about so. It’s exhausting to observe. And you can’t tell me that it’s good for Molly to be letting herself get so tired. It’s one way to let her protection down which makes it easier for us to reach her, but she’s running that engine on empty and not cleaning the oil either,” said a large hunk of basalt who was a little vague about technical terminology.

The Veil is Thinning

“I think Coyote is cooking up something for her…. A bit of a hurdle…”

“And you agreed to it?”

“Well, she hasn’t been listening to the gentle hints…. So I’m afraid she has a slightly bigger hole to dig herself out of now. She can do it.”

“We are moving into Scorpio, you know,” offered Kali Ma rubbing some of her hands with a wicked grin. ” It’s an appropriate time to do some Spiritual butt-kicking,”

“Ah, She-Who-Knows-When-to-Cut-and-When-to-Comfort, this is the special time for you, isn’t it?”

“Hee hee!” croaked Raven. “Maybe this is the year they all morph into true magicians.”

“Awake magicians.”

“It is awfully frustrating watching them flounder about!complained a merman. “You’d think all our archetypal stories would help them get it….”

Tell me about it. It was bad enough while they were growing and moving into place, but now that they are soooo close I am about to burst.”

Sometimes I feel like sending a bolt of lightening down to put Owen out of his misery,” agreed a shimmery plant shape.Or maybe Sitka would be willing to fall on his head. Owen connected well with Devil’s Club here and he has more than an inkling of what Owl means to him.” The two spirits mentioned took a bow. “He even followed when I became the Hummingbird in his Journey. But now he remembers almost nothing of that and I’m at a loss as to what to do next. His true mate is right in front of his eyes and he is blind. Blind!

I’ve gotten Thea able to paint the ideas I direct and the other day she heard the suggestion they’d all been called to Mahonia for a reason, but then she clammed up. She hasn’t told anyone about it.”

She’s doing the Work though, you have to admit. She went to Owen for a Soul Retrieval and has made great progress having her little girl back who may actually get her starting to play.”

We’re really learning the meaning of patience now that we have so much more at stake. It was one thing to watch everyone else fumble around but now it’s aspects of ourselves that are trying to get it.”

Halloween is coming up. The veil will be thin again. How do we want to use that opportunity?”

It might be a good time to reach them through their hearts – let’s round up a few of their available dear departed…”

“Oooh, good idea, Osiris.”

“And it does sound like Ursula is doing her class. FINALLY. We can prod a few of the young people into taking it. What about that Ariel now? You gotta admit she’s blossoming…..”