Who’s Who

Locals may recognize traits and circumstances of some these characters, but truly they are fictional composites, with one exception. The minor character Seth is based on a real person now passed on who demanded from his new realm to be in this story pretty much as he was in real life. I kept trying to take him out, yet finally felt compelled to follow his directive. So here’s to Three Fingered Ron.

  1. Aaron and Betsy – Growers living up River
  2. ALEX COULTER – Lawnmower repair guy; former builder; part of Medicine Circle. His partner Jed has died.
  3. Angie – Has Angel’s Restaurant in Nekelew
  4. Anise – Gabe and Fern’s daughter, goes to Illahee School
  5. ARIEL LYONS – art teacher, resident as a child and now returned
  6. ARLO ROSEN – Drummer and woodcarver, son of Pia Rosen
  7. August – Not much known yet about this little boy but he keeps appearing
  8. Bradys – Moving back to city in Ursula Earth Plane
  9. Brin – Passed on; community college music teacher who trained a good brass band
  10. CALIENTE GOODWIN-BROWN (Cali) – Lives at Benden Farm; married to Carlos Flores; mother of Menolly; daughter of Ursula Brown and Charley Goodwin; sister to Salal (twin), Marina and Jay.
  11. CARLOS FLORES – Manages Benden Farm; married to Caliente; father of Menolly
  12. Caroline Miller – Used to live in Elderberry House
  13. CEDAR  – Native American who arrives as an economics/small business student as part of the PSU Sustainability contingent
  14. CELESTE – Teacher at Illahee School; crone; partner of June
  15. CHARLEY GOODWIN – Director of Neadetagi House & part of the Medicine Circles; husband of Ursula; father of Salal, Caliente, Jay and Marina; grandfather of Menolly
  16. Chloe – Psychic massage therapist. We don’t really know her story yet.
  17. CINDY WOODBURN – “Lavender Lady;” secretary at Illahee School; part of the Medicine Circles; married to Van
  18. Crowes – Live on Mountain Lane; converted house to ADU with young couple living there – mentioned in Ursula Earth Plane
  19. Crystal – Architect and (surprise) rock lover
  20. David Burns – Used to be married to Molly; father of Ethan
  21. Dinah – Mother of Sedona, a mystery so far
  22. Di’Angelis – mentioned in Mailing Party
    Lonny Di’Angeli – Michael’s brother owns Pizza Place
    Marco Di’Angeli – Michael’s father who is a realtor
    Carmen Di’Angeli – Michael’s mother, a landscaper who employs young people
    Michael – see below
  23. John and Elvira Smith – He has died and she lives at Elderberry House – mentioned in Mailing Party.
  24. Ethan Burns – Son of Molly and David; investment/financial person on the board of the Investment Guild who lives in Portland
  25. FERN – Mother of Anise; lives in Elk Ridge; was married to Gabe, now partnered with Jay Goodwin-Brown
  26. Fiona – Pregnant vulnerable to spraying; mentioned in Ursula Sylvia Tarot
  27. Finch Terranova – budding drummer just arrived in the community, son of Jasmine (Jazz) and Gideon.
  28. Flicker Franklin – very young drummer.  Parents are Bee keepers.
  29. Franklins – Bee keepers mentioned in Harvest Fest. Melissa and Julian
  30. GABE – A curmudgeon and skeptic. Lives at Benden Farm. Works at ReBound.
  31. Gideon Terranova – New to the area; tantrika and entrepreneur, partner of Jasmine (Jazz), father of Finch.
  32. Gordon Logan – Brother of Owen, runs the Logan Sustainable Forestry operation, a hunter. Father of Obie.
  33. GRANNY GROUSE – Native American, grandmother of Cedar
  34. Ian Logan – Dead father of Owen and Logan; co-founder of Sustainability Forest
  35. Iris – Artist living upriver wanting to make paper with rag content – mentioned in Ariel Fabric Venture
  36. Ivor – Working with brother to make cheese – mentioned in Harvest Fest
  37. Janna – Caretaker at Locovore Farm
  38. Jasmine Terranova (Jazz) – Tantrika, entrepreneur; new to the community;  partner of Gideon & mother of Finch.
  39. JAY GOODWIN-BROWN – Brewer; son of Ursula and Charley; partner of Fern; brother of Caliente, Salal and Marina.
  40. Johan – Metal worker with a foundry next to ReBound; lives in Elk Ridge
  41. JUNE – Crone; dreamer who lives at Sitka House; has Sand Tray therapy practice
  42. Ken Quince – Retired from advertising; newly moved to the area & taking Ursula’s class
  43. Marina Goodwin-Brown – Daughter of Ursula and Charley; sister of Jay, Caliente and Salal.
  44. Mariposa – PSU sustainability intern at Conservancy Farm
  45. Marsha Quince – Newly moved to the area; retired corporate CEO; taking Ursula’s class
  46. MICHAEL DI’ANGELI – Director of PSU Sustainability adjunct campus who grew up in the community and now is back; partner of Uriel; son of Marco & Carmen; brother of Lonny
  47. MOLLY BURNS – Founding Director of ReBound; long time Medicine Circle member; mother of Ethan, former wife of
  48. Nathan Green – Passed on; his estate became the Green Fund which provides grants to help with start-ups of interesting endeavors, both non-profits and small businesses
  49. Nettle Nancy – mysterious local teacher
  50. Obie Logan – setting up mill at Logan Sustainable Forestry operation.
  51. Orca – Teenager
  52. Otter Logan – Owen’s granddaughter and Robin’s daughter who goes to Illahee School
  53. OWEN LOGAN – Herbalist, widowed, Medicine Circle member; father of Robin, grandfather of Otter, brother of Gordon
  54. PIA ROSEN – Medicine Circle member; mother of Arlo, partner of Raven
  55. Raphael Turner – Doctor at clinic, reportedly open to alternatives
  56. RAVEN O’NEILL – Partner of Pia, trash artist, Medicine Circle member
  57. RHEA – Teacher at Illahee; lives at Benden Farm; dancer
  58. Robin Logan – Owen’s daughter, mother of Otter; works with her Uncle Gordon at Sustainable Forest
  59. Salal Goodwin-Brown –  Traveling man; son of Ursula and Charley;  brother of Caliente (twin), Marina and Jay.
  60. Satish – PSU Sustainability intern working at ReBound
  61. Sedona – Daughter of Dinah; new to the community; goes to Illahee School
  62. Shirley – Baker of cinnamon buns and more in Mahonia
  63. Stella – Ursula’s early journeying teacher and name of Ursula’s computer
  64. Summer – Child mentioned in Harvest Fest.
  65. Susan Logan – Dead wife of Owen; mother of Robin & grandmother of Otter who she never met.
  66. Sylvia – 40 something, becoming a forester
  67. THEA CULVER – Painter; new to the community, a virgin unto herself; budding Medicine Circle member.
  68. URIEL (Uri) – healer and didge musician, new to the community, partner of Michael De’Angeli
  69. URSULA GOODWIN-BROWN – Witch, priestess, storyteller and teacher; longtime Medicine Circle member; partner of Charley Goodwin; mother of Salal, Caliente, Marina and Jay; grandmother of Menolly
  70. Van Woodburn – Husband of Cindy; skeptic and critic of the Medicine Circles
  71. Zydeco – PSU Sustainability Intern who works at ReBound

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